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One of L.A.'s many storied mansions

This week's L.A. fantasy fixer-upper is in Arlington Heights: the Dr. W.J. Davis Residence, built in 1906. Designed by noted local architect Theodore Eisen in the Arts and Crafts and Beaux Arts style popular at the time, the dilapidated mansion is a time travel window into early 20th century Los Angeles. Prior to the home's construction in the newly established Westchester Place neighborhood, the land use was decidedly different....cow pasture.

The home sold to the second owner, a socialite from Denver, for a whopping $75,000 in 1908. The home still strikes an imposing figure, but could use some tlc. A bevy of resident cats hold court in the front yard every day.

The Dr. W.J. Davis Residence in 1906

The Dr. W.J. Davis residence today (2019)

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