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What a walk can do...

In these uncertain times, when information regarding the Covid-19 virus is constantly updated and fed to us via the 24-hour news cycle, it's very easy to become overwhelmed with negative energy and feelings. While social distancing is currently an absolute imperative, remember that a walk through the neighborhood, or on your favorite hiking trail, is a perfectly acceptable activity. I took a 4 mile walk this afternoon, meandering through the neighborhoods of mid-Wilshire, Hancock Park, and Larchmont Village. I passed and admired homes in a way that's simply not possibly whizzing by in a vehicle. I snapped photos of favorite entries, landscapes, and signs. When things get hectic, it's a natural urge to want to outrun the craziness, to work and execute faster and faster. Today, I was reminded that sometimes we must allow ourselves to slow down in order to build emotional and physical energy reserves for the long haul. Seeing people walking their dogs, with their kids, brought a feeling of normalcy to an otherwise very abnormal week. I came home feeling recharged :)


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